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walkmanA small selection of tracks from the "A Secret In The Shape Of A Song" shows in January 2008. Thanks to Sydney Festival for the desk tapes. I've done these tracks in jukebox form rather than easily downloadable with regard to SF 08's copyright over the original recording. More to be added as I get to it...
Some notes on these songs while I think about it:
Steve's LUV intro is there for you to dissect academically. Steve Kilbey had virtually lost his voice by this stage (Sunday night) which makes his performance of FOG all the more amazing. A big band for this song, most of us up there making a lot of noise and somehow getting through. Melanie Oxley's two songs brought the whole place to a hush and Jill felt quite apprehensive about following her (as Raining Pleasure did). I think you'll agree that this version of Raining Pleasure shows that actual technique doesn't count for that much unless it's used to benefit the song, as was Melanie's (and Jill's for that matter). Toby Martin does Trick proud as you'd expect. Much more coming...

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A Secret In the Shape Of A Song

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