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Triffids gigography - Master list
« on: February 04, 2006, 10:06:35 AM »
An incomplete list of the shows performed by the Triffids. 
Please let us know if you can add to it, especially on the early years, thanks very much.


June 30, Perth, Hernando's Hideaway (w/The Scientists) (The Triffids 1st paying show)
Tues Aug 14, Perth, The Stoned Crow
Fri Aug 17 Perth The Stoned Crow (now MOJOs)
Sat 1st Dec, Perth, The Stoned Crow
Sat 8th Dec, The Stoned Crow


Wed 30th Jan, Perth, Adrians Nightclub (with The Teeny Weenys)
Sat 16th Feb, Perth, Charles Hotel
Sun 29th June, Perth, The Stoned Crow
Wed 9th July, Perth, Adrians Nightclub
Fri 25th July, Perth, Broadway Tavern (with The Teeny Weenys)
Sat August 16  Perth, The Stoned Crow - Elvis Tribute Night
Sun 24th Aug, Perth, The Metro (with The Teeny Weenys)
Sat 6th Sept, Perth, Broadway Tavern
Thurs 23rd Oct, Perth, The Stoned Crow
Sat 25th Oct, Perth, The Governor Broome Hotel (last show ... for 2 months)
Sat 5th Dec, Perth, The Governor Broome Hotel
Thurs 18th Dec, Perth, The Stoned Crow
Sat 20th Dec, Perth, The Governor Broome Hotel
Wed 24th Dec, Perth, The Governor Broome Hotel


Sat 24th Jan, Perth, Broadway Tavern
Sat 21st Feb, Perth, Broadway Tavern
Fri 27th Feb, Perth, Uni Tavern
Thurs 26th March, Perth, The Stoned Crow
Friday March 27 Perth, Melville Civic Centre - PLC Yr 12 School Dance
Sat 28th March, Perth, The Stoned Crow
Sat 4th April, Perth, Broadway Tavern
Fri 8th May, Perth The Railway Hotel
Wed June 10 Perth, Embassy Ballroom - Annual Medical Student Dinner
Thurs 11 June, Perth, Broadway Tavern
Sat 29th Aug, Perth, The Cat & Fiddle
Fri 21st Nov, Perth Seaview Tavern
Wed 23rd Dec Perth, Adrians Nightclub
Thurs 24th Dec Perth, The Cat and Fiddle
Sat 26th Dec Perth, The White Sands
Sun 27th Dec Perth, Mosman Park Hotel
Tues 29th Dec Perth, The Stoned Crow
December 31 Perth, Hernando's Hideaway


Wed 31st March Sydney, Vulcan Hotel
Sun 4th April Sydney, Vulcan Hotel
Thursdays, March, Sydney, Alibi Club (with Go-Kids)
Live performances Vulcan - Sudays 5-8pm
                              Southern Cross - Wednesdays
July ? Sydney, Ultimo Vulcan Hotel

Wed Aug 4th, Perth, Albion Hotel
August 11 Perth, Albion
August 13 Perth, The Broadway
August 14 Perth, Adrians
August 20 Perth, Alberts Tavern

November 21 Melbourne, The Tote (w/Le Hoodoo Gurus)
November 28 Melbourne, The Tote (w/The Scientists)

? (late 82) Monash, University
? (late 82) Brunswick, Bombay Rock (w/ Russell Morris)
? (late 82) Prahan, Mt Erica Hotel (w/ The Moodists)
? (late 82) Frankston, Pier Hotel
? (82) Sydney, Macquarie University
Dec 31 Perth - Hernando's Hideaway


January 7 Perth, The Broadway
January 8 Perth, The Shaftesbury Hotel
Sat 15 Jan, Perth,  The Melbourne Hotel (w/ Le Hoodoo Gurus)
January 21 Perth, The Broadway
Fri 28th Jan, Perth, Broadway Tavern
Fri 4th Feb, Perth, Broadway Tavern
Sat 12th Feb, Perth, Shaftsbury Hotel
February 15 Perth, The Shaftesbury Hotel
March? Perth, The Shaftesbury Hotel

Fri March 4, Sydney, San Miguel (+JFK & The Cuban Crisis)
Sat May 7 , Sydney, Sydney Trade Union Club (with Sekret Sekret + Particles)
Sat May 21, Sydney, San Miguel (+ Frontier Scouts)
Fri June 3, Sydney Trade Union Club (with The Go-Betweens)
Fri June 10, Sydney, Players - Paddington Green Hotel (with JFK & The Cuban Crisis)
Fri July 1, Sydney, Paddington RSL  (with Scribblers + Mexican Spitfires)
Sat July 16, Miranda, Sydney (with The Go-Betweens)

August 8 Sydney, Blondies
Sat 27 Aug, Sydney, Sydney Trade Union Club (with Flaming Hands)

October? Sydney, Players
October 10 Sydney Cove Tavern

November 19 Sydney Trade Union CLub - 'Treeless Plain' launch (w/ JFK & The Cuban Crisis, Watusi Now)


January 4  Melbourne, Anglers Club
January 5, Melbourne, Seaview Ballroom
January 7 (afternoon) Melbourne University Student Union; (evening) Melbourne, Venetian Room
Wed 18th Jan, Perth, Red Parrot
Wed 25th Jan, Perth, Red Parrot
Fri 28th Jan, Perth, Broadway Tavern
Sun 29th Jan, Perth, The Equator
Fri 4th Feb, Perth, Broadway Tavern
Feb 9 Perth, Red Parrot
Sat 12th Feb, Perth, Shaftsbury Hotel
Wed 15th Feb, Perth, The Old Melbourne
Feb 23 Perth, Red Parrott (Covers Night)

March 9 Perth, Captain Stirling Hotel
March 10 Perth, The Old Melbourne
March 17 Sydney Trade Union Club

April 13 Melbourne, Seaview Ballroom
April 14 Melbourne, Venetian Room
April 16 Melbourne 3PBS recording The Regal Room at The Prince Of Wales Hotel

Wed May 9th Perth, The Old Melbourne
Friday 11th May Perth, Shenton Pk
Sat 12th May Perth, Subiaco
Wed 16th May Perth, Red Parrot
Fri 18th May Perth, Shenton Pk
Friday 25th May Perth, Shenton Pk
Sun 27th May Perth, Equator

May 30 Brisbane, Exchange Hotel

June 1 Brisbane, Queensland University
June 2 Brisbane, Gold Coast Playroom
June 3 Brisbane, East Leagues Club
June 8 Sydney, Manly Hotel
June 9 Sydney, Caringbah Hotel
June 15 Sydney, Paddington Town Hall
June 16 Sydney, Mosman Hotel
June 22 Sydney, Players
June 24 Sydney, Trade Union Club
June 29 Melbourne, Seaview Ballroom
June 30 Melbourne, Venetian Room

July 1 Melbourne, Helter Skelter
July 2 Melbourne, Metropole
July 5 Adelaide, Tivoli
July 6 Adelaide, Norwood Town Hall
July 12 Perth, Red Parrot
July 19 Perth, Red Parrot
July 20 Perth, Stockade
July 21 Perth, Shenton Park
July 27 Perth, W.A.I.T Cultural Hall

Fri 10th Aug Perth, Cottesloe Hotel (late Club Bayou)
Sat 11th Aug Perth, Shenton Pk Hotel
Wed 15th Aug Perth, Shaftesbury Hotel (Ballad Night)
Fri 17th Aug  Perth, Cottesloe Hotel
Sat 18th Aug Perth, Shenton Pk Hotel
Thursday 23rd Perth, Aug Red Parrot
Friday 24th Aug Perth, Shenton Pk Hotel
Sun 25th Aug Perth, Canterbury Court Ballroom (Finale show)

September 4 London, Dingwalls (w/ The Go-Betweens) - Triffids 1st UK show
September 27 London, Dingwalls

October 10 London, KCL (w/ The Moodists)
October (?) London, LSE (w/ The Monochrome Set)
October (?) London, Rock Garden
October 20 Glasgow, Barrowlands (2 shows w/Echo & The Bunnymen)
October 21 Lancaster University (w/Echo & The Bunnymen)
October 24 London, Brixton Academy (w/Echo & The Bunnymen)
October 28 Royal Holloway College, Egham (w/The Farmers Boys)

November 8 London, Manor House Attic
November 12 Norwich, Santanas
November 17 London, Highgate Jackson Lane Community Centre (w/ The Scientists)
November ? - Romford, Rezz

December 4 London, Dingwalls
Sat Dec 8th, London,  Klub Foot - Clarendon Hotel Ballroom
December 9 London, Herne Hill Half Moon
December 12 London, Dingwalls
December 13 London, Manor House Attic
December? Keele, University

Undated (1984) -
Melbourne Council Club
Melbourne The Club


January 9 Perth, Old Melbourne
January 11 Perth, Shenton Park
January 12 Perth, Subiaco Hotel
January 16 Perth, Red Parrot
January 18 Perth, Shenton Park
January 23 Perth, Old Melbourne
January 25 Perth, Shenton Park
January 27 Perth, The Equator

February 1 Sydney, Graphic Arts Club
February 7 Sydney, Mona Vale Hotel
February 8 Sydney, Caringbah Hotel
February 9 Canberra, ANU
February 19 Coff's Harbour, Park Beach Motel
February 22 Sydney, Chevron
February 24 North Sydney Leagues Club

March 1 Melbourne, The Club
March 2 Melbourne, Prince of Wales
March 4 Melbourne, Inflation
March 5 Melbourne, University
March 6 Melbourne, Seaview Ballroom
March 8 Adelaide, Flinders University
March 9 Adelaide, The Tivoli
March 10 Adelaide, The Tivoli
March 20 Perth, Old Melbourne
March 23 Perth, Shenton Park
March 24 Perth, The Equator
March 29 Perth Murdoch Uni
March 30 Perth Shenton Park

April 3 Perth, Old Melbourne
April 4 Perth, Shenton Park
April 10 Perth, Old Melbourne
April 12 Perth, Shenton Park
April 14 Perth, Equator 

May 2 Het Stuc TV show (early) / Brussels University (late)
May 3 London, ULU
May 4 London, Half Moon, Herne Hill
May 5 John Peel Session
May 9 Groningen, Club Vera
May 10 Eindhoven, De Effenar
May 11 Rotterdam, De Arena
May 12 Amsterdam, De Melkweg
May 13 Nijmegen 
May 17 Hamburg, Onkel Poe
May 18 Berlin, The Loft
May 20 Frankfurt, Kookies
May 21 Bielefeld, PC 69
May 26 Stockholm, the Living Room
May 28 Uppsala, Rackis
May 29 Oslo, Renegate
May 30 Orebro, Rock Magasinet

June 1 Seinajoki, Finland - Provinssirock Festival  (w/ Jonathan Richman)
June 7 Dudley, JB's
June 8 Coventry, Warwick University
June 10 Bath, Moles Club
June 12 Brighton, The Richmond
June 17 Newcastle, Riverside
June 18 Sheffield, Leadmill
June 19 Nottingham, Garage
June 20 Leeds, The Warehouse
June 21 Shrewsbury, The Fridge                               
June 23 Glastonbury Festival (w/ Echo & The Bunnymen, Hugh Masekela, Green On Red, James, Billy Bragg, The Colourfield)
June 27 London, Dingwalls
June 30 Den Hague, Parkpop

July 13 London, Dingwalls (Live Aid)
July 20 London Hammersmith Clarendon (Klub Foot)
July 25 Croydon, Underground
July 27 Herne Hill, Half Moon

August 8 London, ICA (w/ Nyam Nyam, Big & Beautiful)
August 9 Rome, Nettuno Festival
August 29 Harlesden, Mean Fiddler

September 20 Hammersmith, Clarendon (w/ Gaspar Lawall, The Lighthouse Keepers, The Benders and, er, Lawson Square Infirmary)

October 2 Brighton, Savannah Club
October 4 Leeds University
October 11 Rotterdam, Pandora's Box
October 13 Belgium, Dienze, Futurama (early) / Holland, Haarlem (late)
October 18 Dublin, Trinity College
October 26 London, Herne Hill, Half Moon
October 29 London, ULU bar

November 1 Newcastle, The Tube (UK TV)
November 15 & 16 Melbourne, The Club
November 17 Melbourne, Central Club
November 22 & 23 Sydney - Graphic Arts Club (23 w/ Chad's Tree)
November 24 Sydney, North Sydney Leagues Club
November 29 Perth, Old Melbourne Hotel

December 1 Perth, Shenton Park
December 5 Perth, Red Parrot
December 7 Perth, Old Melbourne
December 14 Perth, Old Melbourne
December 15 Perth, The Equator 
December 28  Perth, The Old Melbourne Hotel (Covers night)


February 25 Sydney Entertainment Centre (w/ Bob Dylan)     
February 27 Byron Bay, Arts Factory
February 28  Brisbane, Queensland Institute of Technology

March 1 Gold Coast, Jet Club
March 8 Sydney, Caringbah Inn
March 13 Sydney, Tivoli
March 14 Sydney, Balmain Leagues Club
March 15 Sydney, Dee Why Hotel
March 21-23 Melbourne, The Club  (w/ Chad's Tree)
March 25 Melbourne, Lawson Square Infirmary

April 21 Perth, Red Parrot (Original Music Awards- with The Stems, The Marigolds and Rabbits Wedding)
April 25 Perth, Old Melbourne
April 26 Perth, Floreat

May 2 Perth, Old Melbourne
May 3 Perth, Shenton Park
May 9 Perth, WAIT (did this happen?)
May 10 Perth, Shenton Park
May 11 Perth, Old Melbourne
May 22 London, ULU (w/Zodiac Mindwarp)
May 28 Hilversum (VPRO - radio)

June 1 Hamburg, Markthalle (w/ The Go-Betweens)
June 6 Bremen, Schauburg

July 4, London (Town & Country?)
July 5, Manchester International

August 5, Bergen Festival, Norway
August 8 Hultsfred Festival, Sweden 
August 9 Helsinki, Vanha Ylioppilastalo
August 13 Stockholm, Moderna Museets Tradgard
August (?) Oslo, Sardines

September 25 London, Boston Arms (w/ The Bible)

October 5 Futurama Festival, Dienze, De Brielpoort (w/ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
October 6 Bremen, Schauburg
October 7 Amsterdam Paradiso
October 8 Malm, Folkets Park
October 18 Dublin, University       
Fri Dec 19, Perth,  Fitzgerald Hotel and Tues 23 The Grosvenor Hotel  as The Gary Meadows Syndrome - with David McComb, Will Akers, Alsy MacDonald and Gary Jennings.               

December 27 Hobart, King George V Oval (Australian Made Tour w/INXS)

? (early 86) Cammeray, San Miguel


January 1 Adelaide, Thebarton Oval (Australian Made Tour w/INXS)
January 3 Melbourne, Olympic Park (Australian Made Tour w/INXS)
January 10 Perth, Subiaco Oval (Australian Made Tour w/INXS)
January 17 Brisbane, Chandler Velodrome (Australian Made Tour w/INXS)
January 24 Sydney, Endeavour Field (Australian Made Tour w/INXS)
January 26 Sydney, Hip Hop Club Darlinghurst 
April 25 & 26 London, ICA (w/ The Onan brothers)
June 11 Munich, Alabama Caf
June 12 Vienna
June 13 Linz                                   
June 17 Helsinki, Vanha Ylioppilastalo
June 20 Glastonbury Festival (w/ New Order, Van Morrison, That Petrol Emotion)
July 3 Roskilde Festival (w/ The Go-Betweens, The Hoodoo Gurus, Stelarc)
July 4 Torhout Festival
July 5 Werchter Festival
July 7, Vanha (Yo Talo) Festival, Finland
July 19 Kuusrock Festival, Oulu, Finland (w/Anthrax)
October 7 Newcastle, Riverside (whole UK tour w/ the Jack Rubies)
October 8 Glasgow, Fury Murrays
October 9 Edinburgh, Venue
October 10 Aberdeen, Venue
October 11 Dundee, Dance Factory
October 13 Stockton, Dovecot Arts Centre
October 14 Belfast, Errigle Inn
October 15 Dublin
October 21 Brighton, Corn Exchange
October 22 Coventry
October 23 Nottingham, Mardi Gras
October 24 Sheffield, Leadmill
October 26 Leeds, Poly
October 27 Bristol, Bierkeller
October 30 London, Town And Country

November 6 & 7 Athens, The Rose Club
November 16 Copenhagen, Montmarte
November 17 Stockholm
November 18 Oslo
November 19 or 20 Gothenberg, Karen
November 21 Malmo
November 22 Berlin
November 23 Hamburg, Markthalle
November 25 Dortmund
November 27 Munster
November 28 Frankfurt
November 29 Munich
November 30 Stuttgart

December 2 Paris
December 3 Utrecht, Tivoli (w/ Hedda Gabler)
December 4 Herrenfault, Zaal Lux
December 6 Ghent
December 7 Amsterdam, Paradiso


Jan 23 London, Astoria Theatre  (w/ Dave Graney)
Jan 30 Manchester, International 2

Feb 19 Perth, Old Melbourne

March 4 & 5 Melbourne, The Palace
March 8 Don Lane Show
March 9 & 10 Sydney, Tivoli
March 12 Sydney, Dee Why
March 14 Sydney, Blah Blah Blah TV Show
March 17 Byron Bay
March 18 Brisbane
March 19 Gold Coast
March 23 Newcastle
March 25 Melbourne, Prince Of Wales
March 26 Melbourne, Central Club
March 27 Melbourne, Uni

April 1 Canberra
April 2 & 3 Sydney, Cove Tavern

May 12th Sydney, Harold Park Hotel
May 19th Sydney, Mandolin Cinema
(both as Bottomless Schooners of Old)

June 1 Sydney, Club Kakadu (as Bottomless Schooners of Old)
June 29 Newsworld TV show

July 1 Sydney, Paddington RSL
July 8 Melbourne, Collingwood The Club

August 20, Waterpop Festival, Wateringen (w/The Gun Club, Candy Dulfer's Funky Stuff  :o)
August 28 Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium (w/Ramones, J&MC, Screaming Blue Messiahs, The Wedding Present)
August 31 Manchester

September 1 London, Dominion (w/ Hunters & Collectors)
September 3 Hot Point Festival, Lausanne (w/ Siouxsie & the Banshees, Johnny Thunders, Young Gods)
September 4 Athens (festival riot w/ PiL, J&MC, The Gun Club)

October 27 New York City, World Trade Center (CMJ Music Marathon)
November 1 New York City, Cat Club,


April 10 13 inc. London, Shaw Theatre (w/ Sarah Jane Morris)

May 9 Leeds, Poly
May 10 Nottingham, Trent Poly
May 11 Newcastle, university
May 12 Glasgow, QMU
May 13 Manchester, University
May 15 Sheffield, University
May 16 Birmingham, Irish Centre (w/Kitchens of Distinction)
May 17 London, Kilburn National (w/Rainbirds, Kitchens of Distinction)
May 26 Helsinki, Tavastia-klubi
May 29 Stockholm
May 31 Gothenburg

June 1 Hamburg
June 2 Roskilde, Kulturhaus
June 3 Arhus
June 5 Berlin
June 6 Bochum
June 7 Frankfurt
June 9 Amsterdam
June 10 Utrecht
June 11 Ghent, Vooruit
June 13 Paris
June 20 London, T&C Club (w/ Goodbye Mr MacKenzie, Del Amitri)
June 30 Sydney, Enmore Theatre

July 7 & 8 Melbourne, Greek Theatre
July 12 Adelaide, Tivoli Hotel
July 14 Perth, Shenton Park Hotel
July 15 Perth, Old Melbourne Hotel
July 16 Fremantle, Cargos Niteclub
July 26 Byron Bay, Arts Factory
July 27 Toowoomba, DDIAE
July 28 Brisbane, Easts Leagues Club
July 29 Gold Coast, The Patch
July 31 Armidale, Uni of New England

August 1 Geelong, Deakin Uni
August 3 Melbourne, Melbourne Town Hall
August 5 Melbourne RMIT Story Hall
August 6 Melbourne The Club
August 9 Sydney, Paddington RSL
August 10 Sydney, Uni
August 11 Sydney, Dee Why
August 12 & 13  Jindabyne
August 15 Canberra, ANU

Dates without cities and/or years (from the posters archive)
July 19 - The Chapel

Misc undated that have been mentioned (and by whom)
various Sydney 83-85 (Barty, Weasel),
Hopetoun Hotel (as the Killer Plants) (hillsaths)
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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2006, 10:15:20 AM »
Now I have a very firm affection for May 10 1989. Thanks Adam.


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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2006, 11:50:42 AM »
Filled in some gaps in '89

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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2006, 12:35:19 PM »
Great job Adam. As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm useless with the factual details for this sort of thing, but having seen the master list I reckon there are still some fairly large holes here. My gut feeling is that I saw the band four or five times, though I'd have to concede that they were so important to me that I might have inflated that figure to fit the emotional impact the gigs had.

I'll save you all my rather threadbare reasoning, but my hunch is that we're missing, at the very least, a significant number of UK dates in late 1985, summer through to autumn 1986, and the same period in 1988.
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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #4 on: February 04, 2006, 07:27:15 PM »
Cheers gazza, i'm sure you're right, esp re 1985 and there's also a load of stuff from Sydney before that to come out.

I've just found a reference to a show at Dingwalls with The Go-Betweens, Sept 4 1984, which is listed as the first Triffids UK show, and another odd date or two, but I'm unable to add them at the moment - I keep getting an error message.


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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
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Now added.  Urpal, you've mentioned a trip to JBs sometime, that must have been 85 given the size of the venue.

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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #6 on: February 05, 2006, 10:35:39 AM »
The Dudley gig was late '84 or early '85, but I can't find a record of the date at the moment. Those ticket photos I've posted were flotsam from the trawl. It was surprising to find in my enquiries that Dudley JBs still exists as a  concert venue and has a website.

Impressive job, Adam. That's quite a long list now. I'm sure there are still plenty of dates to come out of the woodwork, but that's a good solid framework.
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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #7 on: February 05, 2006, 01:06:05 PM »
Full line up on the Australian Made tour, from what I've read rather than from memory, was:

INXS, Jimmy Barnes, The Models, The Divynls, The Saints, The Triffids, I'm Talking, Mental As Anything.

I'm Talking, if they're remembered at all, are probably known nowadays only as the band that Kate Ceberano was in, but I've got no idea if she has any presence in Europe.
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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #8 on: February 05, 2006, 01:09:37 PM »
I'm Talking also notable for being a splinter group of Essendon Airport. Robert Goodge was on guitar.

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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #9 on: February 06, 2006, 06:57:44 PM »
Couple of minor points:
June 1 1985, the place name is Seinajoki
The May 26 1989 Helsinki gig was in Tavastia-klubi
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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #10 on: February 06, 2006, 10:52:30 PM »
If we're adding supports, the support on the 3 '87 tour dates I saw in Scotland were the Jack Rubies, who were actually quite good. Wonder whatever happened to them?

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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
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...Gunned down in a police station lobby?
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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #12 on: February 08, 2006, 01:20:43 AM »
There's a new flyer posted on pherron's page with the following dates for 1982 - Perth venues I presume.

August 11 Albion
August 13 Broadway
August 14 Adrians


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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #13 on: February 08, 2006, 06:15:55 AM »
Well, the flyer is labelled as Perth gigs but the article above it says the band moved to Sydney right at the start of 1982.  Pete, if you're passing, can you let us know where you got the flyer from and/or why you think it is Perth? Thanks

Edit - flyer here, in case anyone recognises it as being of their manor
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Re: Triffids gigography - Master list
« Reply #14 on: February 10, 2006, 04:58:05 AM »
The Perth flyer was from a guy called Adrian Butcher who came across my web pages:

"While researching an article on David McComb and the Triffids for a
magazine here in Melbourne, I came across your website.
In my own collection I have some items from Perth (where I lived
throughout the Triffid's history)."

He sent me some scans. This flyer was titled '1982 Perth gig flyer'. As he had been in Perth then I had no reason to doubt him.

On a different note.....

October 23 Nottingham, Mardi Gras

Ah, I can finally put a date to this gig. I was right up pressed against the stage. It was wonderful.
I always believed it was early 1988.
I posted these pics yonks ago:
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