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So I founds some tapes...
« on: May 06, 2016, 04:51:48 PM »
Hi, thanks for letting me join the forum.

I found some tapes which I thought might be of interest.  A little backstory, growing up in Perth I've always known who The Triffids are, I know BSD but that's about as far as my knowledge on these guys goes.  Anyway, getting onto why I'm here, there's this salvage store in O'Connor, I'm a bit of a record/cd/music collector of sorts, I've always kind of ignored this shop as I assumed it would have been picked dry, but I was in the area so I stopped in.

Through a bit of digging I managed to find a bunch of tapes connected to David McComb and after a bit of sleuthing I've figured out they belonged to David McComb's brother John, who, I found out sadly passed away last year (if I'm wrong I apologise). The list of what I grabbed and a bit of a description.

Pic of the tapes
- Red Ponies Powerhaus 21-08-91 (A live recording of a Red Ponies show)
- Red Ponies Subterania 22-08-91 (A live recording of a Red Ponies show - apparently their 3rd and last show, as announced on the tape)
- Red Ponies Malmo, Sweden, May 1995 (A live recording of a Red Ponies show)
- Black Eyed Susans 18-02-89 (An early live recording of a Blackeyed Susans show)
- I've Heard Things Turn Out This Way (a tape with 3 versions of this song, 1) Less Reverb, 2) More Reverb, 3) No piano or guitar, with the comment "At least it's got a melody!")
- David McComb J-Files x2 4.3.99 - Two tapes with Richard Kingsmill from Triple J conducting a special feature on the Triffids and DM shortly after his passing, includes a lot of interview footage from the VHS tape below, also songs from the Triffids going all the way back to their early tape releases and chats on air with fans with stories about the band.
- Farewell Tape For John and Jac 6-1-86 (a mix tape by David McComb for his brother John, possibly when JM was moving to PNG.  I know Dave made a lot of mixtapes from my research, I made a Spotify playlist of it if you would like to check it out here)
- Letter From Dave 15-11-91 (John must have sent a letter on a cassette tape to David when DM was in the UK and JM was living in PNG, it's a pretty candid and personal, talks about everything from Dave's frustration with the music industry to buying a car from his parents.)

There are also two tapes which I suspect are simply vinyl to tape dubs of The Black Swan, although one tape is dated 1988, so maybe some sort of pre-release that DM sent to his brother.

There were also a number of blank VHS tapes, this is what they contained
- Official copy of Bury Me Deep In Love music video
- A clip containing a ABC 7:30 Report Interview Click here to view -
- Goodbye Little Boy - Live on Countdown Revolution -  Click Here to view on Youtube
- History of Australian Rock and Roll - Interview with David Click here to view on YouTube (44mins)
(There's also a 15 min interview with Graham and Phil)
- Music videos of Raining Pleasure and Wide Open Road (shown on Rock Arena)
- Thick of the Light (version 3) music video.  Looks the same as all versions on youtube etc
- David McComb - Set You Free (music video)

As you can see I have shared the footage of the interview with David, the 7:30 Report and the Countdown performance simply because the interview with David I thought was pretty incredible and the other two were not readily available, the rest of the "Official" material as it is copyrighted, the Graham and Phil interview I'm happy to share if Graham is happy for me to share it (maybe an unlisted youtube video) but it is incomplete I think (tape cuts out). Also, I do feel funny about sharing the "Letter from Dave", simply because of it's personal nature, what do you guys think?

The live recordings I will be backing up to .Wav for my own enjoyment but the tape deck I am currently using is a vintage Technics, need to get my hands on a better quality deck. I'm not sure if they are commonly available or have been officially released, maybe that's where you guys might be able to help.

In the meantime, when I was last at the shop, there was still tapes left and I know that one of them was a DM mixtape, so if you're nearby, might be worth checking out and the 50c investment!

Here are some scans of the tape inlays


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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2016, 08:49:51 PM »
Wow. That sounds like an incredible find. Hadn't heard about John, but the obit (which I actually found here) does fit with what little I know about him. I'm sure Graham will be able to confirm. Sad news.

Not entirely sure what the current status of the Love Of Will reissue is (obviously I'm hoping that it's delayed rather than cancelled) but it's entirely possible that the live tapes of the Red Ponies would be of interest for that, if Graham doesn't have them already. My suspicion is that they're more likely to have been desk tapes for the band's use rather than audience bootlegs, so the quality is likely to be pretty good. Regardless of that, I'd certainly love to hear them, and I'm sure that would be true of many other forum members. I saw the Red Ponies on their 95 tour, and they were absolutely fantastic. (I can't remember for sure, but I think that might have been my first post here.)

If the tapes aren't of interest to Graham for official use, there's always the possibility that I'd be able to find time to master them to a decent standard. With Graham's permission, I've done that for a few forum boots, and for the three live CDs in the Come Ride With Me box set.

Hopefully Graham will be in touch with you soon… I'm also sure he'll have an idea about what to do with the more personal stuff. Could be that he'd like it for the archive, if you're prepared to give it up.

Will get myself over to the videos you've posted as soon as I get a moment.

One last thing: thanks for stopping by!
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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2016, 11:47:01 AM »
Thanks for the reply Gazza, I hope we can work out a way so that everyone who wants to hear these can.

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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #3 on: May 26, 2016, 09:35:57 PM »
Really cool find

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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #4 on: June 15, 2016, 11:52:07 PM »
In the final stages of digitising these tapes, you can check out the setlists and the recordings below (I will edit this thread as they become available) - I won't be sharing anything that has been officially released, I think these recordings are interesting more so than anything else.

Blackeyed Susans
Shenton Park Hotel, Perth, Western Australia
18th February 1989
It Started With A Kiss (Cuts In) (Hot Chocolate Cover)
Caroline Says II (Lou Reed Cover)
Keep Your Eyes On The Hole (Triffids)
Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley)
She’s Sure The Girl I Love (The Crystals Cover)
St James Infirmary (Louis Armstrong Cover)
I Dreamed I Saw Saint Augustine (Bob Dylan Cover)
The Clown Prince (Triffids)
Bottle of Love (Triffids)
Before The Next Tear Drop Falls (Freddy Fender Cover)
When You Were Mine (Prince Cover)
Temptation Inside Your Heart (Velvet Underground Cover)
Enemy Mine (Cuts Out)
The Cross (Prince Cover)

The Red Ponies
The Powerhaus, London, England
In The Pines (The Triffids Cover)
Enemy Mine (The Triffids Cover)
Lonely Avenue (Doc Pomus Cover)
Islands in the Stream (Bee Gees Cover)
I Want To Conquer You (D. McComb Solo)
A Trick of the Light (The Triffids Cover)
Don’t Call Yourself An Angel (The Blackeyed Susans Cover)
When You Were Mine (Prince Cover)
Raining Pleasure (David McComb Vocal)
Heard You Had A Bed (The Triffids Cover)
Lonely Stretch (The Triffids Cover)
What Goes On (The Beatles Cover)
How Could I Help But Love You (Aaron Neville Cover)
Unmade Love (The Triffids Cover)
Save What You Can (The Triffids Cover)
Temptation Inside Your Heart (The Velvet Underground)
Song Of No Return (David McComb Solo)

The Red Ponies
Malmo, Sweden, May 1995
Clear Out My Mind
Setting You Free
In The Pines
Trick Of The Light
Raining Pleasure
I Want To Conquer You
Heard You Had A Bed
What Goes On In Your Mind (Velvet Underground Cover)
How Could I Help But Love You (Aaron Neville Cover)

The Red Ponies
Subterania, 22-08-91
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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #5 on: June 18, 2016, 07:13:11 PM »
thank you, downloading now.
hope to listen to these soon.
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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #6 on: July 08, 2016, 05:14:03 AM »
Thank you for sharing! 
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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #7 on: July 08, 2016, 05:27:41 AM »
Great stuff (as expected). One of my great regrets in life is that I was in Glasgow around 1994 and I had a plane ticket home one day before the Red Ponies was due to play the King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. I was thinking about changing my flight, but then I thought Red Ponies would visit Finland as the Triffids had almost always done, so I did not .. and consequently I never saw DmC play live again. Anyway, thank you again for these.
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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #8 on: July 19, 2016, 03:49:03 AM »
Thanks a bunch for these gems! A couple of things I noticed as I was listening: the gig in Sweden sounds fantastic; the band is really sharp and David sounds very strong, which surprised me not just a little.

I think the Powerhouse gig is the first and only time I've ever heard him be all lovey-dovey in public which is actually very endearing.

Good stuff! My iPod and I thank you.

Postscript: I stand corrected. Then there's the Subterania gig.. :)
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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #9 on: July 22, 2016, 12:15:19 AM »
Thanks for posting those - downloaded but not yet played. I'll give them a listen sometime soon.

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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #10 on: February 05, 2017, 10:07:42 AM »
Just stumbled across these - thanks for sharing :)
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Re: So I founds some tapes...
« Reply #11 on: April 12, 2017, 11:22:05 AM »
I'm late to this party but just wanted to thank JRC for taking the time to digitise and post these tapes.  Downloading now, much appreciated.