Author Topic: A Scout Hut In Dudley, Uk Circa 1984  (Read 2421 times)

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A Scout Hut In Dudley, Uk Circa 1984
« on: January 22, 2004, 09:47:31 AM »
My earliest live encounter with The Triffids was on what must have been there first UK tour shortly after the broadcast of the "Field Of Glass" Peel session on BBC Radio 1, pre BSD and even Evil Graham (as far as I remember). It was in the unlikely venue of a small pre-fab scout hut accomodating no more than 100 in the dingy Black Country town of Dudley to the West of Birmingham, England.

There I found myself sitting on a wooden step at the foot of the minute stage in my not so famous blue raincoat sober but chainsmoking roll ups as usual to kill the time whilst waiting for the band to come on - I was a strapped for cash student and on my lonesome in a crowd of local "foreigners", who were probably there out of curiosity to see an exotic Aussie band in their particular backwater more than anything else: this place was well off the mainline gig venue list.

Next thing I knew the man I now know as Martin P Casey was standing in front of me saying something urgent but incoherent against the usual PA noise background. A shrug of the shoulders elicited a very polite but louder request that I move from my seat to allow the act I had come to see a means of achieving their immediate desire to get out of the crowd and on the stage to perform. I embarassedly stood up and the band trooped by and on to the stage. Once there they launched into a blistering set (most of the details of which, apart from the atmosphere of the place, the passage of time has now erased from memory) but topped off with a glorious rendering of the then unknown "Stolen Property", which near moved this then young, delicate and lonely soul to tears and the extended crescendo to which felt like it was about to lift the roof off the place.

The band's performance more than reinforced my immediate interest in the band on hearing Field Of Glass on that Peel session and I've been a dedicated follower and obsessive ever since. Cheers Dudley.
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