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CALENTURE- 1001 Albums you MUST hear
« on: October 13, 2010, 09:24:19 AM »
In the hefty coffee table book named, the single Triffids album;
CALENTURE, is described thus:
  " The son of very religous parents, David McComb won
     school prizes for English Lit. & Divinity and never are
     these influences more apparent than on the songs
     he wrote for the band's CALENTURE album.
     Indeed if it were necessary to create a Gospel/Rock
     genre then McComb would seem to be hard work...."

While mistaking Dr. Harold McComb & Dr Athel Hockey,
Dave's parents, for very religous people instead of the
stone atheists I'd always been led to assume is a simple
enough error, As a Gospel Enthusiast myself I just don't
see the Gospel/Rock (or rather, HEAR)influence. Anyone
I also have an Authorititive Rock Book that describes Dave
as 'New Zealand born' though this is a perfectly natural
mistake. To quote a couple of Mental as Anything members
I heard once on radio:
  " If you scratch an Australian band you'll find an art
   " yeah.... and a New Zealander."

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