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Big Star Sister Lovers Gig
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Re: Big Star Sister Lovers Gig
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I wish I wish ... Please post a review!

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Re: Big Star Sister Lovers Gig
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Happy to – it was one of the best gigs in a long time.
The core band was really good – Mike Mills, Ken Stringfellow, Jody Stephens, Mitch Easter, Chris Stamey. Skylar Gudasz and Brett Harris did lots of great harmonies and sang a few of the songs. The piano/keyboard player was excellent.

The songs and sounds were fantastically reproduced on stage – they had a big string section & various other instruments when required (sax, bassoon, accordion). The songs sounded so fresh and smart, ageless really.

Tim Rogers did a few songs including “O Dana” & the finale “When my baby’s beside me”

Cat Power sounded great on Nightime and femme fatale, and was suitably strange on stage.

I always liked Mike Mills’ playing and harmonies in REM (despite being a byrds cover band right!) & he did a great job – lead on Jesus Christ and a couple of others.

Dave Faulkner surprisingly did some of the quieter numbers (big black car, downs) & he was fantastic.

Kim Salmon was good too, on some of the crazier arrangements (like Kizza me)

Jody sang For you and Blue Moon beautifully (then way out west in the second half). His drumming was just as good live as it is on the records – a highlight. He must be pretty old but looked youthful from where I was sitting.

Edwyn Collins came out at the end and did The Letter.

The 1st half of the gig was Sister Lovers, not played strictly in order, and they got through most of the  tracks on the CD. The quieter ones (like dream lover) sounded really special live.

They then kept going for about another memorable hour of doing most of the other Big Star Songs and a couple of Chris Bell numbers (Cosmos, you and your sister). I’m in love with a girl, Thirteen etc were amazing. September Gurls, shambolic and bright.

No complaints from me.
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Re: Big Star Sister Lovers Gig
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Sounds fantastic!  :)
It's an idea some day, in my tears, my dreams...