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1985 gig posters
« on: February 07, 2013, 02:04:41 AM »
Having a look at what to adorn my Facebook page to spread the Name of the Triffids abroad (at least for February, good idea Glee.) I found these small flyer/ posters sent  from Aus. I must have given the sender the idea I liked the band.
Sadly being almost entirely surrounded by goths and psychobillies in Lincoln, it was a hard task to spread the word enough to swell the record sales. I look with sheer wonder at the amount of info on the band now availiable, we had to wait for NME and Sounds etc to share tour dates and release news . It was so rare that I often thought I had made their existence up by the time we caught sight of which venues were next to travel to. If we had settled for Spear of Destiny or the Cult, coach trips were arranged. But not for us a seat from Lincoln to venue, but the side of the road with a sign and an upturned thumb and little more than a fiver in our pockets.
Seeing these posters reminds me of how I wished I could afford the long haul fare as I passed the travel agents but it all added to the experience when the first chord were played . Ah reverie.

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Re: 1985 gig posters
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2013, 02:22:05 AM »
Thanks Joy. The first poster has made an appearance online here before at some point, but is a classic gig poster in terms of its funniness and appeal. You should definitely share it on facebook.

The mustachio images bring to mind Sterling Morrison in Velvets pics from the second album onwards:

Another example of the Danny Kaye/Sterling Morrison "New York" guitarist prototype that the guy from that karaoke video seems to embody.
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