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'The Tube' on youtube
« on: July 17, 2011, 10:38:26 PM »
Having been a down right menace last time I posted I thought I'd share memories of that all too short tv appearance on C4 in 1985 .My friend DI and I hitched up to Newcastle hoping to get in but although the big McC had us down on the list, the floor manager said no due to fire regs! Being the kind of people the band were/ are Glee and Dave let us have their artists passes when we managed to make it as far as the green room so for a brief moment we could have been on stage! At the last minute guest passes arrived and we had to settle for a space to the left of the stage (see youtube vid 'Hell of a Summer'.) Spot the only people without gelled hair dancing right at the front.
I believe they played Lonely Stretch,Red Pony and obviously Hell Of A Summer. Current venacular :Awesome...