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Delta Dog
« on: June 20, 2010, 07:14:19 AM »
One sunny afternoon in the late 1990s, David,Joanne
and I were drinking coffee in their garden. Apropos of
of  some discusson I can't recall, Dave started singing
this song to the tune of Delta Dawn:

     Delta Dog, what's that collar you've got on
     Could it be the kind that makes a dog's neck raw?
     And did I hear you bark as you ran out to the park
     You were gonna get that man who shot your Pa?

After we stoped laughing Dave reflected that he'd
probably erased large chunks of high school maths
in order to keep 'Delta Dog' on file.
A quick memory scan of my own revealed that I
also had had to abandon much of what I'd been
taught in the same subject so as to keep ready
access to the lyrics of 'Undercover Angel' by Alan O'day
or 'Let your Love flow' by The Bellamy Brothers.
These had at least been used in the interim years 
By the way, I found a CD of 'Gonna Take a Miracle'
Laura Nyro's album of cover versions with a half
dozen new tracks and liner notes by Patti Labelle.
Dave confessed to having 'worn out' about 4 copies
at least of this (then) LP.