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BSD doco screened on SBS television
« on: May 30, 2007, 11:42:04 AM »
The Mushroom Pictures documentary about the making of Born Sandy Devotional will be screened tonight 11th August at 8.30pm. This is the one that was part of the Sydney Film Festival in June.

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Re: BSD doco screened on SBS television
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I came across this press release about the SBS series of films elsewhere. That elsewhere was a Saints related site so the information may be edited for greater relevance to them. I've only skimmed so far.

Great Australian Albums: synopsis
Great Australian Albums is a documentary series that takes you behind the scenes in the creation of four masterpiece albums.

The series covers four decades and four landmark recordings by Silverchair, Crowded House, The Triffids and The Saints. It features new and lengthy interviews with key performers Daniel Johns, Paul Mac, Tim and Neil Finn and Nick Seymour, Chris Bailey and Ed Kuepper. They their colleagues such as Steve Kilbey of the Church, Nick Cave and Paul Kelly provide in-depth, exclusive interviews explaining what really happened in the studio and after the gigs.

Some of these stories are peppered with new performances recorded especially for the show and the artists reveal alternative mixes and early versions of songs that have become part of the national heritage.

Great Australian Albums: overview
Great Australian Albums is a documentary series that examines four masterpiece Australian albums – (I'm) Stranded by The Saints, Born Sandy Devotional by The Triffids, Woodface by Crowded House and Diorama by Silverchair.

Unlike any Australian music documentary before it, Great Australian Albums dives headlong into the creative process, uncovers the creative goals the artists set for themselves, and reveals how they were achieved. As becomes quickly apparent, none of these albums were easy to make and each artist was faced with their own hurdles; be they creative, personal, emotional, financial, physical or political.

Beginning in 1976 with The Saints' (I'm) Stranded through to 2005 with Silverchair's Diorama, each of the featured albums comes from a different decade. Each artist comes from a different corner of Australia, and each has broken new ground for Australian music both domestically and internationally.

We learn how The Saints recorded their seminal album in a weekend, with the most primitive of technology, and in doing so created a bridgehead to international markets and a template for Australian artists to create a domestic independent music scene.

We follow the life of songwriter David McComb and how his distinct musical vision, reflecting Australian life and landscape, resulted in unprecedented international success for The Triffids.

We learn how sibling rivals Neil and Tim Finn saved each other from creative blocks to write some of the most memorable songs of their careers.

We see Daniel Johns emerge from a debilitating illness and take a gamble in his determination to create a rock album unlike anything Silverchair had recorded before.

To tell these extraordinary stories Great Australian Albums interviews Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies, Chris Joannau (Silverchair), Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Nick Seymour (Crowded House), Chris Bailey, Ed Kuepper (The Saints), Rob McComb, Alsy McDonald, Jill Birt and "Evil" Graham Lee (The Triffids). We also hear these artists, in their own words, recall the writing process of such classic Australian songs as "Wide Open Road", "(I'm) Stranded", "Weather With You", and "Across the Night" to name but a few.

Joining us on this journey are Australia's most influential musicians, producers and commentators including Jimmy Barnes, Steve Kilbey, Paul Kelly, Rob Hirst, Brad Shepherd, Reg Mombassa, Pete O'Doherty, Robert Forster, Rob Younger, Damien Lovelock, Paul Mac, Michael Gudinski, Richard Kingsmill and many others.

Each episode features never-before-seen live footage, photographs and artwork.

Great Australian Albums: the episodes

DIORAMA by Silverchair

WOODFACE by Crowded House


(I'M) STRANDED by The Saints

The Saints' single "(I'm) Stranded" burst out of Brisbane, Australia in 1976 as one of the landmark recordings in the punk rock revolution that changed music forever.
In the mid–1970s, Queensland was under the thumb of a corrupt and politically repressive government, and the number one enemy of the state was young people. It was in this environment that singer Chris Bailey and guitarist Ed Kuepper met and bonded over a love of music. The Saints brand of loud rock was shunned by the local music industry so the group took it upon themselves to record their first single, "(I'm) Stranded". They sent the record to media in the UK and within weeks, The Saints were the darlings of the international music press. EMI records in London signed the band – the first time an Australian artist had been approached directly from overseas. The Saints recorded their debut LP (I'm) Stranded for EMI in two ear-shattering days. Within six months, the Saints were in London at the epicentre of the punk revolution. The group's individualistic, Australian scepticism alienated them from the fashion-conscious punk rock scene and the band imploded in the UK. However, their legend has lived on and their legacy is Australia's independent music industry which grew directly out of The Saints' bold move. The extraordinary story of The Saints and making of (I'm) Stranded is retold by Saints' songwriters Chris Bailey, Ed Kuepper and the musicians they inspired, among them Brad Shepard (Hoodoo Gurus), Robert Forster (the Go Betweens), Damien Lovelock (Celibate Rifles) and Rob Younger (Radio Birdman).

Great Australian Albums: key interviews

Neil Finn-Crowded House

Tim Finn-Crowded House

Nick Seymour-Crowded House

Daniel Johns-Silverchair

David McComb-The Triffids

Ed Kuepper-The Saints
Ed Kuepper (born in Bremen, West Germany 20thDec 1955) is an Australian guitarist, singer and songwriter. He co-founded the seminal punk band The Saints, the experimental post-punk group The Laughing Clowns and later the grunge-like The Aints. Kuepper was awarded ARIAs in 1993 and 1994 for Best Independent Australian Release (and nominated for similar awards in 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998). He was probably Australia's most prolific recording artist in the early nineties.
In recent years, Kuepper has been involved in soundtracking radio drama and experimental films. A new album is slated for release in the first half of 2007. The Saints were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2001.

Chris Bailey-The Saints
Chris Bailey (born in Nairobi, Kenya in July 1956) is an Australian singer and songwriter. In the early 1970s he co-founded the seminal punk band The Saints. The group's single and album I'm Stranded were cornerstones of the punk revolution in Australia and the UK. Bailey moved to the UK in 1977. Since then he has continued to record with the Saints and solo.

Great Australian Albums: quotes

(I'm) Stranded - The Saints

"It's over glamorised to say we were a bunch of kids from the wrong side of the tracks who weren't part of the big white shoe Queensland real estate dream. I would like to think in retrospect that it was a bit more heartfelt for us on account of we were actually working class; we were trying to cause revolution through music, yadda, yadda, yadda…" – Chris Bailey

"It was like an atomic bomb going off. It was inconceivable that this had existed in my own back yard and I was totally unaware of it…and it was just so astonishingly aggressive and defiant. It um, kind of hard to get my head around laughs). I remember being angry at myself, you know, that I, that I was unaware of, that this was going on. " - Brad Shepherd (Hoodoo Gurus) on hearing "(I'm) Stranded" for the first time.

"I remember hearing "(I'm) Stranded" on the radio, and I just couldn't believe what I heard. And when they said it was Australian, I thought they'd made a mistake." Damian Lovelock (Celibate Rifles) on hearing "(I'm) Stranded" for the first time.

"It wasn't an easy record to work on continuously because the sound was so raw and in your face, um, you just, you just found yourself getting tired fairly quickly, so ar, we took a lot of breaks." Rod Coe, producer of (I'm) Stranded.


Great Australian Albums: personnel

Martin Fabinyi is the managing director of Mushroom Pictures Pty Ltd and Executive Producer of each of the company's projects. Mushroom Pictures Pty Ltd is part of Michael Gudinski's Mushroom Group.
In 1979 he and film composer Cameron Allan formed the record company Regular Records. Regular launched the careers of numerous Australian recording artists including Mental As Anything, Icehouse, I'm Talking, The Cockroaches, Austen Tayshus and Kate Ceberano, selling over two million albums both locally and internationally and winning many Australian Record Industry Awards.
In 1995 Mushroom Pictures began production with Tribal Voice, a documentary on the indigenous Australian band Yothu Yindi, which was screened on the Discovery Channel and ABC-TV. The television specials Next To Nothing and Nothing To Hide which were screened on the National Geographic Channel and the Nine Network, and the music specials Kate Ceberano And Friends, Counting The Beat and The Singer And The Swinger were screened by ABC TV.
Mushroom Pictures produced the feature film Cut, which became a major success in both Europe and Asia. In association with Cherub Films, Mushroom Pictures produced Chopper, which opened Australia-wide in August, 2000, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film ever released in Australia and reaching No 1 at the box office. The DVD release again produced a No 1 spot, and the film has been seen at many international festivals including Sundance, Telluride, Toronto and Cognac, where it won Best Film and the Critic's Prize. Director Andrew Dominik won Best Director and Eric Bana as Chopper won Best Actor at all Australian awards events for the film. In 2002 Chopper was nominated the greatest Australian film ever in a national survey by Empire Magazine.
Mushroom Pictures also distributed both Cut and Russian Doll.
In 2001 Fabinyi was named one of the top ten International Producers To Watch by Variety magazine and was similarly named one of the most influential people in the Australian Film Industry by Screen International magazine. He produced Getting Square directed by Jonathan Teplitzky which was nominated for four AFI awards and along with Michael Gudinski, Fabinyi Executive Produced Wolf Creek.
In 2006 he produced the Geoffrey Wright feature Macbeth.

Larry Meltzer was recently Commissioning Editor and Executive Producer for SBS Arts and Entertainment where he oversaw the production of the entertainment series In Siberia Tonight, Under the Grandstand and the Logie nominated Rockwiz, also the documentaries series Decadence, Every One Loves A Wedding, Fork in the Mediterranean, and the fashion series Fashionista. Larry's prior work includes the Logie-awarded Sunday Program story on the Governor General Peter Hollingsworth for Channel Nine where Larry was co-Producer, and the producer of the Sunday Program 20th Anniversary Special which became the series' highest-rating program of the year. Back in 2001 Larry was the series producer for Logie-nominated documentary series Long Way To The Top the highest rating documentary series for 2001, and series producer for the Arts and Entertainment series Review which was awarded at the best Arts Series at the New York Film and Television 1995.


Toby Creswell has been writing about popular culture for some 30 years. He was the Editor of Rolling Stone Australia for ten years. He was the editorial director of Terraplanet, a magazine and web publisher with titles including Juice, HQ, Australian Style, monument, Big Hit, Esky, 24hours and many others. Terraplanet's magazines were awarded the highest professional commendations from the Magazine Publishers Association and the Society of Magazine Editors over the course of some ten years. The web sites were also highly regarded and rated amongst the most-visited music and culture related sites in Australia. Toby has written a number of books including; 1001 Songs, Too Much Aint Enough, Love is in the Air and The Real Thing (with Martin Fabinyi). He has been involved in writing documentaries for many years and his other television work includes live variety (as producer/writer) and event shows. He has been a commentator on cultural issues for ABC TV and radio as well as Channel 4 and the BBC.
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Re: BSD doco screened on SBS television
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2011, 08:47:12 PM »
If you missed it the first time, it's on again tonight. You might want to record it though: SBS/SBS HD, 1:45am (that's the time in Adelaide, but it might be different wherever you are).
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Re: BSD doco screened on SBS television
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2011, 08:26:39 AM »
Thanks for the tip. I missed it the other night. I hope you
didn't have to type that all out Mr Urpal, but if you did, tat's
quite an heroic thing.
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Re: BSD doco screened on SBS television
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2011, 03:49:09 AM »
It's also available on DVD. Got mine from the ABC, along w/the one on the Saints.
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